This June, our favourite baking biker, Selasi, will begin the journey of a lifetime travelling across Europe with his friends, doing the two things he loves the most – any guesses for what they could be?

Many of you will know Selasi from the BBC hit show ‘The Great British Bake Off’. What you may also know about Selasi is he is an avid motorcyclist. Lind have teamed up with Selasi as he sets off on a tour of Europe visiting bakeries on our very own R 1200 GS Adventure.

Selasi loves the BMW range, especially the S 1000 RR and has set his sights on one for his return. The R 1200 GS Adventure truly is a machine for all those who want to go to their limits – and grow beyond them. It will be the perfect companion for Selasi’s two wheel bakery tour. 




His journey begins with a spot of culture, making the journey from Dover to Calais to tour the battlefields of Dunkirk. After this, Selasi and his friends will ride to Belgium where they will spend a romantic night wandering over canals, eating waffles in beautiful Bruges.

The next day, they head to Antwerp to check out the bling in Belgium’s diamond and fashion capital. From Antwerp, Selasi and the lads will attempt to negotiate a top notch Brexit deal in Brussels by offering Tusk, Junker and their mates a year’s supply of Selasi’s best red velvets.

From Belgium, it’s back to France where the boys will enjoy a quick picnic in Avesnois Natural Regional park before Selasi bids his friend’s farewell as they head back to London, leaving him to ride solo for the rest of his trip.

That’s when the real fun begins – Selasi aka  “ Cake Man” will travel from France to Switzerland, to Italy and then back to France visiting various baking establishments to show off his skills as well as picking up a few more from local experts. Find out whether he manages to finesse the perfect croissant crossing France, whether he can master the perfect Swiss roll or whether they will all they turn out a bit… um crêpe.




Selasi will be completing his journey across Europe on the world-famous BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. Described by many as the swiss-army-knife of bikes, this awesome finely tuned bike offers the ultimate riding experience. A 30 litre fuel tank combined with the engine's optimised fuel efficiency makes this bike "unstoppable" on and off the road, so Selasi will be able to tour for longer.

In addition the standard level of equipment has been improved to include an on-board computer. This enables perfect navigation and provides the rider with useful data such as fuel level, speed and fuel consumption. The R 1200 GS Adventure responds dynamically in any situation thanks to the legendary 125 Nm of flat-twin torque and 125 bhp delivered by the new, water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine.


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