BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance.


When you truly love your motorcycle, you want to protect it in the best way. That’s why we created BMW Motorrad Protect, our comprehensive range of insurance products designed to help make life a ride, whilst protecting you from damage costs.

Within this suite of BMW Motorrad Protect products is BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance, providing you with financial protection should your motorcycle be written off due to an accident, theft or fire. BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance is designed to bridge the gap between the motor insurance settlement and either the amount you paid for your motorcycle, or the outstanding amount due under your finance agreement if your motorcycle is declared a total loss, whichever is the higher amount. BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance covers you against losing out in these unsettling situations.


  • Cover available for 2, 3 or 4 years

  • Additional limited cover (only for your finance agreement) between the end of your BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance policy and up to the end of year 5, where your motorcycle is financed for longer than the duration of the policy (Available for 3 and 4 Year BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance policies only)

  • The insurance could pay up to £500 to cover any excess you have as part of your motor insurance claim

  • Pay for your policy upfront or in 12 monthly payments (at no extra cost)

  • Cover for accessories listed on the original purchase invoice for the insured motorcycle that are present at the date of loss

  • You have up to 60 days to purchase your policy after you have collected your motorcycle. The cover will start after policy purchase

Please note you must not accept your motor insurer’s settlement figure until you have contacted our claims department. If you accept your motor insurer’s write off valuation without our agreement then any BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance claim may be calculated and settled based on our assessment of the market value of the motorcycle at the time of write off.

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. This website only provides a summary of the cover provided by BMW Motorrad Shortfall Insurance and does not include the full terms, conditions and limits of cover. Please refer to the policy document below.


In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, BMW Motorrad Protect Services are available to assist you. If you purchased your policy before 1 April 2018, please call 0345 6419737. If you purchased your policy on or after the 1 April 2018, please refer to the policy document below for full details of how to make a claim.

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Terms & Conditions
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