Wed, 21 Mar 2018


Due to the huge success of previous events, Lind Motorrad are delighted to be hosting two 'Biker Down' courses which are free to participate in and are provided by the Hertfordhsire Fire Service.

Hopefully you’ll never be the first on the scene of a road crash, but if you were, would you know what to do? What if you were out riding with your mates and one of them was involved in a collision — but you didn’t know how to save their life?

It’s easy to think that this won’t happen to you, but sadly it’s a scenario that’s far from unusual. That’s why the Biker Down programme was created — to help bikers help each other, and also to prevent crashes happening in the first place.

Bearing in mind doing the Biker Down course can save your life or the lives of your friends, it’s pretty good value — because it’s free. Even better, it’s not as though you have to make a huge time commitment because this three-module course takes just three hours to complete.

>> Spaces are limited. Click here to book your ticket! <<