Wed, 29 Nov 2017

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifying 2017

After their national qualifiers 23 women from 13 countries (South Africa, Australia, France, USA, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, China, Thailand) won their way through to the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifying in South Africa, no doubt expecting a tough competition, conducted in the toughest conditions, all under a hot African sun. They certainly found tough conditions, but not the expected as huge thunderstorms rolled across the veldt on all four days

The BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifying 2017 has been concluded with something of a surprise outcome. After four days of competition at the Country Trax Off Road Riding Academy near Amersfoort in South Africa not one but two teams have qualified for the sixth BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy that will be held in Mongolia in June 2018.

Our very own friend and customer of Lind Motorrad Welwyn Garden City, Louise Hodgkinson participated in the fantastic competition in South Africa. Louise represented the UK and did extremely well. Each day consisted of a variety of challenges many of which were performed against the clock and in tricky conditions. These included a speed test riding a slalom course in deep sand and a time-trial (cross-country course) complete with Le Mans start to again assess the women’s higher-speed riding capability being just one of the challenges they faced over the 4 day course.

We’d like to say a big congratulations to Louise on how well she did on the challenge and hope to see her soon at Lind Motorrad in Welwyn Garden City!

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