Fri, 22 Sep 2017

Pure and Crafted Festival 2017

For years, at Lind Motorrad, one of the parts of the motorcycling world that we’ve loved the most is the world of inspiration that goes into bike customisation. It’s like an art form in itself, and it’s something that we cherish about the industry. Recently, we were super-excited to see the amazing Pure&Crafted experience that pitted seven unique teams against one another at the festival.

At this festival, groups of seven worked against one another to try and put together the perfect custom-build bike, all hosted by BMW Motorrad, Germany. Each of the seven groups were handed an R nineT Pure, with a budget of €4000 to do it up and make it look the best they possibly could. As ever, we witnessed some feats of true invention come to the fore, as each group competed against each other to create an architectural marvel alongside a rather bad-ass bike!

What came out in the end was a wonderful, pure-styled boxer, designed by Rabbit Ground, a group from Russelsheim. Their wonderful and eloquent design caught hearts and minds and was a fair winner, despite the extensive competition from some of the top names within the industry.

Innovation All-Round

Outside of this awesome custom competition, though, we were also super-excited to see the development of the E-LisaBad, created by the famous Rolf Reick. This excellently modified scooter was an instant hit with the crowd, creating only the squeal of the tires with the engine more or less entirely silent. It was a very impressive customisation, and something we’d love to see more of!

Our teams at Norwich and Welwyn Garden City were punching the air when we witnessed this, as huge enthusiasts of this kind of custom design ourselves. With so many awesome feats on show at the Pure&Crafted Festival, though, it’s hard to pick a primary highlight!

From the amazing Berlin sky that left the whole area sun-kissed to the wonderful atmosphere and outstanding creations across the board, this festival was a true showcase of what customization and teamwork allows.

Add in the wonderful musical scene that joined the festival, with top artists such as Interpol and Kytes creating a wonderful guitar-filled atmosphere, and it was easy to see why this festival was such a major hit. From the most creative designs to a wonderful competition that was delivered in the most wonderful atmosphere, the Pure&Crafted Festival was a massive success this year. Fore more details and highlights click here.