Thu, 30 Aug 2018

R 1200 GS does the MCN Toughest Test

If you’ve picked up your copy of MCN this week you may have been pleasantly surprised to see this week’s edition featured a 14 page adventure special, which of course highlights the iconic BMW R 1200 GS.

The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Rallye TE goes up against the Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA for the UK’s toughest test. The motorcycles go head to head on a series of tests on-road, off-road and across the UK roads to see who tops the tests.

The article compares features of each of the motorcycles, facts and figures and a general overview for people looking for an in depth description on the models. The piece starts off by saying “ Leading the charge since 1980 has been BMW’s GS; the original bafflingly competent muddy funster” and finishes with a verdict from Adam Child (MCN Senior Road Tester) “if you want to know that you’ve got the very best available, the most capable, cleverest, and most rewarding; then you have to swallow down the stereotypes and pick BMW’s R 1200 GS Adventure.”

Grab your copy of MCN or read more on their website. To try out  one of the iconic R 1200 GS models for yourself contact us to book a test ride today.