Fri, 19 Oct 2018

Trade-in any helmet and receive £100 towards a new BMW Helmet

You've probably heard it a hundred times "you should change your helmet every 5 years", well it's true, The five-year replacement recommendation is based on a consensus by both helmet manufacturers and the Snell Foundation.

Glues, resins and other materials used in helmet production can affect liner materials. Hair oils, body fluids and cosmetics, as well as normal "wear and tear" all contribute to helmet degradation. Petroleum based products present in cleaners, paints, fuels and other commonly encountered materials may also degrade materials used in many helmets possibly degrading performance. Additionally, experience indicates there will be a noticeable improvement in the protective characteristic of helmets over a five-year period due to advances in materials, designs, production methods and the standards. Thus, the recommendation for five-year helmet replacement is a judgment call stemming from a prudent safety philosophy.

Ensure your head is kept safe and sound, with a brand new BMW Helmet. Trade-in your old helmet (whatever the style or brand) at Lind Motorrad in Norwich or Welwyn Garden City between now and 31 January 2019 and we'll give you £100 towards a new BMW Helmet.

Visit us in-centre today on Ber Street in Norwich or South Mundells in Welwyn Garden City to discover the range of BMW Helmets available from traditional, adventure, race or flip-front style.