This June, our favourite baking biker, Selasi, completed the journey of a lifetime travelling across Europe with his friends, doing the two things he loves the most – any guesses for what they could be?

Many of you will know Selasi from the BBC hit show ‘The Great British Bake Off’. What you may also know about Selasi is he is an avid motorcyclist. Lind Motorrad teamed up with Selasi as he set off on a tour of Europe visiting bakeries on our very own R 1200 GS Adventure.

The R 1200 GS Adventure truly is a machine for all those who want to go to their limits – and grow beyond them. Selasi had a fantastic trip on the machine and has told us all about it!



Selasi set off with just 12 days to travel through 5 countries, stopping in 21 cities/towns all on his R 1200 GS from Lind Motorrad. Selasi’s journey started on 23rd June where he caught the ferry from Dover to Calais. On arrival in the French town of Calais he set his sights for Brugge where he was due to visit the first bakery of the bakery tour. ‘Juliettes’ in Brugge was where Selasi stopped for hours, learning how to make lace biscuits.

When leaving Brugge the rain started but as you may already be aware, the R 1200 GS Adventure is equipped with rain mode. Selasi said “I realised that rain mode controlled the bike a lot more and restricted the speed to help when cornering”.

He then travelled from Ghent to Antwerp then on to Brussels (Belgium) then the ride to France could commence. Selasi found himself 3 hours 41 minutes from his destination but wasn’t put off “with a comfy seat and cruise control I found this not a challenge although this was my longest ride yet. I didn’t need to constantly rev up the throttle as I set the speed to the speed limiy and the bike did the rest, meaning I could rest my wrists and enjoy the ride.”.

Selasi arrived in Nancy, greeted with a classic French breakfast from his hosts (Violane) and she introduced him to the famous pastry chef, Stef, Selasi and he shared recipes and he had a tour of his famous bakery. He then headed to Dijon, then Lyon “the weather was perfect, the bike was delightfully cool to look and attracted a lot of attention along the way”.

From Lyon he headed into Annecy then crossed the border into Switzerland where he visited Montreux, then Zurich and Lugano where it was raining hard and fast!

Selasi arrived in Italy, a little soggy but safe, dried off and enjoyed the hills and bends in Como. “the handling and steering on the bike was just spectacular coupled with the smooth gear box.” From Como Selasi then headed to Turin and then returned to France where the trip would be coming to an end.

“it was one of the best experiences of my life. Riding through Europe on a great and well equipped bike. I am already planning next year’s trip to Spain and Portugal or perhaps Eastern parts of Europe.”




Selasi completed his journey across Europe on the world-famous BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. Described by many as the swiss-army-knife of bikes, this awesome finely tuned bike offers the ultimate riding experience. A 30 litre fuel tank combined with the engine's optimised fuel efficiency makes this bike "unstoppable" on and off the road, so Selasi was able to tour for longer and stay comfortable.

In addition the standard level of equipment has been improved to include an on-board computer. This enables perfect navigation and provides the rider with useful data such as fuel level, speed and fuel consumption. The R 1200 GS Adventure responds dynamically in any situation thanks to the legendary 125 Nm of flat-twin torque and 125 bhp delivered by the new, water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine.


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